Residential Services  

Natural gas is an economical and environmentally friendly energy solution for your entire home. Whether you are building a new house, or improving an existing home, keep natural gas in mind when making decisions about heating or appliance options.

ENSTAR Natural Gas Company has a team of marketing representatives ready to assist you with your energy needs. We think you'll be surprised at how much money, time, and effort you will save when you add additional natural gas equipment or convert to natural gas appliances.

See the links below for further information on our Residential Services.

  1. New Construction
  2. Converting Your Home to Natural Gas
  3. Natural Gas Appliances
  4. Separate Metering of Multi-unit Structures
  5. Supplying Gas to an Outbuilding
  6. Changing an Existing Gas Load
  7. Relocating a Line/Meter
  8. ENSTAR Charges and Fees


 If you need assistance with a main line extension, service line, or meter set requirements, please contact one of the Marketing representatives in your area:


James Lee, Key Account Representative
(907) 334-7797

Kevin Campbell, Key Account Representative
(907) 334-7792

Mat-Su Valley

Bruce Zmuda, Key Account Representative
(907) 352-7403


Charlie Pierce, Southern Division Manager
(907) 262-9334


Patrick Lawrence, Key Account Representative
(907) 435-0635

Or contact our Marketing Department at

Documents and Online Forms  
01 - New Service Line Connection PacketElectronic FormApplication for a service line and meter to serve new construction
02 - Residential Equipment Load SheetPrintable FormUsed to record all natural gas equipment and BTU loads inside a structure
03 - Temporary Above Ground Service Line ApplicationPrintable FormApplication for a temporary service line (required during winter season)
04 - Neighbor Authorization FormPrintable FormTo authorize temporary above ground service line on neighbor's property - (Neighbor to complete this form)
05 - Temporary Meter Stand SchematicPrintable FormExample of the stand required for installation of construction heat meters
06 - Bollard SpecificationsPrintable FormSpec requirements for protective steel bollards to protect gas meters
07 - Typical Residential Meter Set SchematicPrintable FormExample of a typical meter set showing measurement references and bollard proximity
08 - ENSTAR Customer Information BookletPrintable FormENSTAR Customer Information Booklet